Wednesday, June 6, 2012

road tripping

We’ve always loved a good road trip and yet it’s been close to ten years now since we’ve taken one. The fallout from several major car accidents hindered any such pursuits for nearly a decade. But after much physical and mental self-care the time has come to again get out on the open road.

This trip will be around 5,000 miles (8,047 km), from Seattle to Indiana and back with a two day layover in Denver and an impromptu detour through Yellowstone National Park. The purpose of the trip was to help the in-laws move and to transport back some old family furniture. So we decided to turn it into a vacation and visit with family and friends along the way.

This will be the first road trip since having cats in my life. Being away from the cats is never easy. In this case I’ll be away from them for nearly two weeks. It helps knowing they are being looked after by our trusted cat sitter and yet being away is still brutally hard.

The kitty spy cams help me keep and eye on them from afar. I like being able to see them to see with my eyes that they are ok, and yet seeing them and not being able to be with them feels a bit like torture!

Don't leave without me!

We ran into a very unexpected snow storm in the mountains of Montana. A winter storm warning was in effect with 12-24 inches (30.5-61 cm) of new snow expected there! We drove into the early morning hours just to get out of the snow, ugh!

The open road of Montana

roadside scenery

Took a break from the car at Theodore Roosevelt National Park scenic overlook.

And scenic it was!

Beautiful country.

The only stop on the trip East was to visit the Leinenkugel Brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

yum! free samples!

Eventually, we arrived at our destination the in-law's home in rural Indiana, which was also Theo's homeland! There were no signs of Theo's family anywhere, and I looked all over town. By now, four days into the trip, I was having significant kitty withdrawals. Finally, I saw my first cat at a great distance.

Neighbor's cat marking the in-law's property

It took a week before I got my first real kitty fix. Dear friends in Colorado have a sweet cat, Marble, who I took every opportunity to love on. Marble is in need of a new home, as he is terrified of the energetic dogs who also occupy the home. I suggested they find new homes for the three dogs and keep the sweet kitty, but they said that wasn't an option. Anyone in the Denver area looking for a sweet affectionate kitty? This guy needs a new home!

Marble - take me home?

Walking with friends on a trail near their home

Sunset as experienced on the walk

Day nine of the trip, I get a nice kitty fix as the friends we are staying with have two wonderful kitties and one dog.
Alice, mischievous and curious

Tigger, sweet and lovey

So far the biggest negative about this road trip is seeing significant quantities of roadkill along the highways. I estimate I have seen over 100 dead deer and countless numbers of other smaller mammals. My heart really broke when I saw a dead ginger kitty laying on the side of the street in front of a house in rural Indiana. Seeing all those dead animals makes me never want to drive again. Thankfully, we have not hit any animals ourselves thus far and I pray that doesn't ever happen.

Soon I'll be back home and reunited with my own kitties, which I am very excited about! Two weeks away from the kitties is just too long. Watching the cats from the two kitty cams has been helpful to ease my worry, although the back porch feral-cam has revealed a great mystery, which I am eager to learn more about when I return. I'll tell you more about that mystery tomorrow.


  1. I don't think I could deal with being away from my furkids for even a night. Glad you'll be home soon. The kitties must miss you lots too!

  2. Fab I would love to one day travel to the USA and see the scenery.
    LOL my first thought concerning Marble was tell them to re home the dogs LOL No I love dogs also, but have become attached to my cats.
    Have a safe trip

  3. I feel your pain! I've been away from my Charlie Kitty for about 4 weeks now and I have at least two more to go. I know my guy is taking care of him but I miss him so much. Big Hugs, Linda

  4. I hate being away from my mob. Now one of them is diabetic I need to be around for twice daily insulin jabs,so no more nights away for me (YES!!!!!).
    Whenever I see dead wildlife on the road I apologise to them as we drive by. Makes me feel as though their lives have been acknowledged somehow.
    Jane x

  5. Except for the snow, and the roadkill, it looks like a good trip!

    I don't think I could leave the boys now, Derry especially, unless the situation was dire. It helps, though, to have a trusted cat sitter, one whom the cats all like. :-)

  6. Mom has made it about a week before, but she says she doesn't think she could make 2 weeks. At least the last time she was gone for a week it was to Best Friends and she got to borrow a cat for an overnight. :) Can't wait to hear about the back porch mystery.....

  7. Yes, our mom is always looking for a kitty fix when she's away. We like our cat sitter, Beth very much, but of course, she can't take the place of our pawrents!
    Looks as though you've seen some beautiful country. It's so sad about the roadkill. Mom especially gets torn up when she sees a dog or cat.

  8. two weeks?? are you OK? I see you got a kitty fix while you were away, so maybe you can survive till you get back, but man don't ever go that long again with out an intake of kitty... you don't know what that does to your health long term


  9. It is never easy to be away from our fur babies!! Kitty cams is a very good idea. I should get some before I go to the next trip.
    I hope Marble will find a good home soon. He is very cute kitty.

    1. Hope you continue to have a good, safe trip. It really is nice having a cat sitter you can depend on. It takes away a great part of the worrying, at least for me. Enjoy your time off and stay safe.

  10. If you are on Facebook, you should post about marble so word can get out on the cat community.... unfortunately I don't really KNOW anyone in Denver. :(


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