Thursday, January 13, 2011

field trip

It has been ages since I have taken Theo anywhere. His 'easy going' skills are certainly rusty.

I have recently been thinking about incorporating him into my work more. I still would love to use cats in Animal Assisted Therapy. So, I brought Theo back to the office and gave him time to settle in.

A freaked out Theo, shortly after arriving to the office.

Freaked out Theo hiding under a waiting room chair. Seeing him this freaked out was difficult. It meant facing the painful remnants from a dream that had previously crashed and burned.

A slightly less freaked out Theo checking out the couch.

Not quite ready to relax just yet.

Got to check out all the seating options. This is the place I usually sit.

More relaxed at last, perhaps because this chair at least has a familiar human smell.

Now, I just need to repeat this exercise everyday for a few weeks and he may be ready to work. The thing that seemed to freak him out the most was the unfamiliar sounds. Once he started getting used to all the various sounds he was much less jumpy. Seeing him partially relax after only about 45 minutes in the office is a good sign. Maybe even a sign of how he might do with regular practice.

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