Saturday, August 27, 2011

behind the scenes of a photo shoot

People always ask me how I get the amazing cat pictures featured here on fourwhitepaws. Well, let me tell you, getting high quality photographs for the blog requires more than state of the art equipment and an artistic eye.

Let me take you behind the scenes of a recent photo shoot.

You may recognize this picture. It is from a recent blog entry, Captivating Cats Figurine review. Capturing this image involved more than you might think.

First I had to scope out the right location. I desired quality natural light. I also wanted a background that would not take the focus away from the subject, so I decided to use a sheet of blank white paper as my background. Once the background was established, choosing the location was easy. I setup my little "studio" on the love seat because it was in the direct sun and allowed me to get just the right distance from the subject. Since I decided to use an all white background, I decided to add a common object to provide a sense of scale.

When selecting a location, it's good to also consider accessibility. Choosing a desirable location may attract visitors and having visitors on location is sometimes problematic.

Sweet Willow decided to visit and check out the subject.

Willow was very interested in meeting the realistic figurine kitty. 

After a quick snuggle with the figurine kitty on the photo shoot background, Willow starts to change...

A different Willow starts to emerge...



What's this?! Now what's going on?

Where did the ferocious Willow Monster go?! This looks like Sweet Willow again...

Tummy rubs?! After attacking the figurine kitty?

Meanwhile, back to the photo shoot...


  1. Great post. Good photos and story. Very funny. Willow really worked with you on this photo shoot.


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