Wednesday, August 17, 2011

bonanza part II

Guess what. Another box arrived today from the Pawcurious Sam's Club Pet Care Product Package giveaway! Can you believe it?! The goodies just keep coming!

I thought I might save the big box for another day and go ahead and open the new little box. Nahum graciously offered to assist me.

Inside was two big bottles of OdoBan Commercial Biopet Control, which is an enzyme cleaner that removes pet stains and odors from carpets and furniture. Also inside was numerous containers of OdoBan Pet Solid Odor Absorber, a super-duty odor absorber and air freshener!

I can't wait for a cat to cough up a hairball on the rug or the furniture so I can try out the new cleaner! And now I no longer have an excuse for having a stinky cat-smelling house! 

Meanwhile Nahum continues to enjoy his packing paper!

What makes packing paper even more fun? 
Lounging in the middle of it with your favorite string!


  1. That was a sensational give-away you had won. Just fabulous!

    Our mom says it might be a good thing she can't smell. Though she has to ask visitors if they can smell "cat," since she can't. LOL.

    She also says thank you for the comment on her Musings blog about Annie...We boys don't really get it, you know? We're just typical mancats and we don't have the same thought processes as humans, which is a mercy--we're far more centered in the present moment!

    Tomorrow's post is not a long one, a few words and a Smilebox collage. What can be said? Nothing, really.

  2. I have decided if people don't like the smell, get out of the rectory..actually, I haven't heard any complaints around here since my litter boxes (I actually have three..long story) are always kept immaculately clean. Nahum's got the right idea: doesn't matter what came in the box as long as it has the right amount of play-paper and string!

    Have fun trying out the new products!


  3. Ooh look at all that pretty paper... that looks like lots of fun.
    Oh and thanks for visiting.

  4. I agree with Father Tom...Keep it clean and that is good enough...Nothing smells better than the smell of a cat's furry body being warmed by the sun. Nahum is such a regal being!


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