Monday, August 1, 2011

overnight guest

It's been a while since we have had an overnight guest, but when Hannah, a friend from the Vermont-years, called and requested to stay the night we happily obliged. 

As Hannah was meeting the cats, I realized that we haven't had any overnight guests since reaching the five-cat milestone. My mind started to remember all sorts of stories told to me by others. Stories of people staying the night at houses filled with cats where the guest would wake up in the night with a cat standing on their chest staring them in the eyes, or the cat constantly nudging them all through the night.

Our cats all have their interesting ways. To us they are cute and silly, but to someone who is looking for a good night's sleep the cat's midnight antics might not be so cute! They sometimes like to play chase in the night, running over and across the futon, regardless if there is someone sleeping on it. Willow insists on sleeping on the legs of whatever human is lying on the futon. Theo can be very demanding about receiving pets when he wants them regardless of the time of day or night.

Thankfully, Hannah enjoys cats and the cats were on good behavior. Everyone except Rose, treated her like a part of the family. Rose chose to keep her distance, two humans is scary but three humans together is too much! In the morning, I asked Hannah how it went with the cats, she said it went fine and that one of them slept on her legs - Willow!

I have no reason not to trust Hannah, but I know sometimes when staying with cat-obessed people, it can be difficult telling the full truth regarding how really annoying all those cats really were. So, for the most part, I'll believe her, but I'll also continue to wonder.

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  1. Too funny. Since we are short on space, we don't have people overnight. Except once - mom's bff and her oldest son were on their way to a science fair thing and stayed with us. They have a puppy who is crated, so Josh thought it was kind of neat that everyone wanted to sleep with him. Mom thought later she should have slept on the couch and let them have the bedroom where they could close the door. :)


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