Sunday, August 14, 2011

more kitty shelves

For a few years now, there has been only one window shelf on the front porch. It has been very popular. With five cats, the demand has been high for this prime viewing spot.

The shelf was built for Max, years ago

Buddy, the newest kitty is a huge fan of the front porch shelf

Rose likes being on a shelf, regardless of if she has a view

Perfect sized Rose shelf

Willow enjoys her time on the big shelf

Dual occupancy is an option

Original setup

This shelf was built back when I only had one cat. It worked well for the one cat and even did ok with two cats. Traffic was getting congested with three cats and now five cats makes for way too much demand for one little shelf. Something needed to be done. 

Introducing a new kitty shelf!

The new setup! Additional shelf looking South.

The full front porch shelf network

Looking the other way on the front porch

Nahum checking out the new shelf

Nahum enjoying the new shelf!

The next alteration will to be widen the shelves. Traffic jams are too common, with a wider shelf other cats could get around the sleeping cat. 


  1. What a great addition! We Cats fully approve of the new shelf. And we LOVE your porch--all that lovely wood to sharpen kitty claws--HEAVEN!

  2. Wow that looks like an awesome place to sleep.

  3. That is such a great idea...we need to get Dad to build us some shelves.

  4. Cool shelves! We need one of those!!

  5. Your dad are great !!!
    To put more shelves for you guys ! and I like the way he put the carpet on top of the wood. Soft for sit and snooze !
    Enjoy your new shelves : )

  6. These new shelves are deluxe! I would very much like to perch on them too. Thanks for the concatulations on my birthday today.

  7. Nice job Cat Man! I bet all the kitties love the new set up. Many more perches for all!


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