Wednesday, November 16, 2011

puddles and cuddles

Rose, melting in a sun puddle

A quick update on BK. 

Before picking him up from the vet on Sunday, we debated about what to do with him. In the end, we decided it was best for now to release him back into his yard. We will need to capture him again in about a month to give him vaccine boosters. I didn't want to bring him immediately inside because I didn't know if he would trust me again after his ordeal and I didn't want to risk him spraying inside my house.

So, we released him and he disappeared for the remainder of Sunday. It wasn't until about dusk when I saw him saunter back over to his house and go inside. My heart leapt with joy, he still viewed his house as a safe place! Then I wondered if he would be around in the morning for our routine of breakfast and cuddles.

The last time I tried to capture BK it was very traumatic for everyone and he didn't want anything to do with me for weeks. I was heartbroken to have lost his trust. This past experience, which involved visiting the vet and the loss of certain body parts might have been a bit more traumatic for him.

My heart danced with delight when in the morning he was waiting for me on the back porch. He greeted me with his usual hiss followed by a bunch of sad meows. I invited him into the enclosed back porch and we visited - he really wanted to cuddle. He was always somewhat friendly but now seems even more friendly. I have heard that neutering makes male kitties more affectionate and friendly and that is certainly the case for him. I am so thrilled that he still trusts me even after all he went through.

Last night when I brought him his dinner, he actually ran across the yard to me. I couldn't believe it! He then left the food at the Dining Hall without eating any and followed me to the back porch where he asked for more pets and cuddles. He's quite the cuddle bug! 

As he took in all the scents of the other cats from the back enclosed porch, I watched to see if he would spray. So far, he has only marked things by rubbing his head on them, a very acceptable behavior. I am hoping that the nasty spraying went the way of his testicles. Paws crossed.

Later in the evening I realized the true challenge of integrating BK into the hobby cattery, might actually not be BK, but Buddy. He has never liked BK from the start. And last night, after I let Buddy out on the back enclosed porch I noticed he was riveted to sniffing all the places BK had rubbed against. Sure enough, right before Buddy came back inside, he raised his tail and sprayed just a bit on a spot that BK had rubbed on. Argh!

A parting thought: If neutering cats makes them more friendly, might the same be true for humans? Just wondering.


  1. I am so glad to hear that BK is doing so well and enjoying even more cuddles. hugs, Linda

  2. awwww - Rose is lovely!!!

    We didn't realize you had caught BK - GREAT JOB!! We are glad you still have his love and trust....hopefully something will work out for him, but either way it is good to know he has a great home in the backyard!!

  3. Way to go, Rose. We know how it is to get trapped in a sunpuddle, and just have to sleep for a while.

    Glad BK still likes hanging out and cuddling with you. He's gonna make someone a great lapkittie.

  4. Hooray, that is great news! I think it takes a few days for all of the male hormones to go away after a neutering.

  5. I think different, I think BK trust you !
    Just like Daisy said, But he still love and trust you !
    Glad to know he is doing well. and come back for cuddle : )
    Purrs for BK get back to himself 100 % soon.


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