Saturday, November 12, 2011

the trapping of BK

It's been a long emotional road, but finally, I can happily report that BK has been trapped! He is currently hanging out calmly in his trap, under a blanket in the basement as we all wait for his afternoon vet appointment to come around. Getting to this point has been quite the challenge.

I have been trying to use the drop trap, because it makes me less anxious. I have heard trapped cats can thrash about in their traps, and seeing that would be too traumatic for me.

  With trap baited, BK happily eats his lunch.    11/9/2011 1:55pm

BK tells me what he thinks of the trap!   11/9/11 1:54pm

I went out yesterday morning to feed him breakfast as usual and we spent about an hour or more together loving on each other and cuddling. Using an old shoe lace, I learned that he likes to play string! He also enjoys bopping his nose to mine, something I used to adore about Max. Each day he gets more and more relaxed with me, it's very lovely. And each day he doesn't want our visiting time to end. He has tried to follow me in the house and when I don't let him in he makes very sad, pittiful meows and gives me his saddest looking expression.

After BK avoided the trap on Wednesday, I again set it up yesterday, although this time I used sardines as bait. I expected him to ignore it again, but he went in. I stood there, cord in hand. All I had to do was pull the cord and I would have had him and yet I couldn't bring myself to do it after our delightful hang out time just minutes before. Moments later he walked away, having enjoyed his sardine snack.

I worked hard at not beating myself up for not pulling the cord. I tried to tell myself, that now he will be more comfortable going into the trap the next time. I also reminded myself that everything happens for a reason. Maybe I didn't pull the cord because it wasn't meant to happen that day. It helped a lot to discuss my feelings of fear and shame with Laura, so I could release those feelings and not remain bound by them.

This morning the same routine unfolded. Except this time, I felt I had greater emotional strength, drawing from yesterday's experience. It also helped immensely to have Laura assisting, in fact she was the one to pull the cord and drop the trap. BK had a brief moment of panic as he tried to escape the trap but quickly he realized resistance was futile. He curled up and remained motionless until Laura approached when he started to panic again.

The plan was for Laura to transfer BK from the drop trap to the wire transfer trap. That way BK's experience of me would not be tainted by the trapping trauma. But, in an instant, I realized I could not just stand idly and watch him be terrified, I had to be there to calm him as best as I could. And I think my presence and voice did help calm him. Once we got him into the covered transfer trap, he stopped his resistance. 

Empty drop trap after a successful capture!

So, now that the deed is done, it's a matter of waiting for the vet appointment and hoping that all his tests come back healthy. The next step after the visit to the vet is not known. As much as I would love taking him in, six cats is just too many for us. Actually, five cats is probably too many. But for now I must focus on one moment at a time and therefore I will not dwell on the matter.

I really appreciate all the supportive comments, thanks everyone! Also a huge thanks to Laura for being such an awesome supportive person - she is an amazing woman and I'm so thankful to be partnered with her for life's crazy journey.


  1. Yippee, well done! I assume BK's being neutered, if he's not already? I don't think he is, right? Sorry, can't recall. But wow, good job--both you and Laura.

    Maybe BK would be comfortable going in and out at will? Or out during the day and in at night? I understand not being able to take another one in, though. Mind you, you're already feeding him, how much litter could he use? Haha!

    Good luck at the vet, I'll look for an update!


  2. Fingers and paws crossed for BK! Funny how you are so empathetic towards him, hubby Scott is much more emotionally attuned to our tribe, too. I always end up doing the "dirty work" of pilling, vet visits, etc. And I'm here to tell you, after five kitties, one more won't make any difference, unless fighting occurs. Give Black Kitty a smooch from me.

  3. Great job in finally trapping BK. So hard to do but this will help BK in the long run!

  4. I'm back to read this one, I don't want to miss his story !!! I really like BK : )

  5. I have read backwards from today's post 11/14 and God bless you and your wife for rescuing this mancat.

  6. And by the way, I can, I think I can, understand your concern and worries about pulling that cord. I too am very very conscious of feelings of people and animals. I would also not want to have a love session with a kitty like that and then trap him. It's all about trust. BUT you have to help them, so bless you for being able, the two of you to do this.

  7. If you can handle five kitties, six doesn't make much difference. If there is no fighting, you could keep BK, no problem. HE'D probably like that better, too.

    Purrrrrrrss and headbonks, whatever you decide to do.


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