Saturday, November 12, 2011

test results

The results are in, BK tested negative for FIV, FeLV and heart worm!!!!!! Yea for BK! I was so thrilled to hear this news.

He's under the knife at this very moment, getting his little testosterone factories removed. Several huge steps closer to him becoming an indoor kitty. I'm hoping the neutering will take away his desire to spray, because spraying and indoor kitty just don't mix!

BK will spend the night at the vet, so he will stay warm and cared for while he heals. I'm not sure what we will do with him once we pick him up, I'm inclined to keep him inside for a time to see how he does with being inside and then start the process of finding him his new home. For now, I'm just gonna enjoy knowing he is well.


  1. "Testosterone Factories"--LOL!
    Hurrah for BK that he's a healthy boy. Our Maui had TERRIBLE mancat pee, and the day after he was fixed it got better! It was amazing how fast the odor went away. His poop and his hide exuded the scent for about a month and he smelled just like a "regular" kitty after that.

  2. Good news, thanks for the update! We think it can take up to 6 weeks for the hormones to abate.

    If you can't keep him inside, no worries. "Toby" survived just fine after his neutering in May--he was pretty wobbly when the mom released him, and she watched him for as long as possible, but he was okay in the long run.

  3. So glad for a happy ending and hoping for a good forever home.
    xoxo Kassey

  4. Hooray for BK !!! and He Rock !!! very healthy kitty !!
    Now I do purrs for his healing and find a good home !!!
    and Thanks so much for every things you done for him, It's wonderful : )
    Big Hugs to you ((((((( )))))))))

  5. We are so happy the tests were negative on BK! That is wonderful news. We hope BK recovers from his surgery in a flash. Our paws are crossed for a wonderful home for him.

  6. Hi there, thanks for commenting on my blog post :o)
    The paint they use is a non-toxic face paint! They then put a layer of varnish :o)

  7. I say pffffft to traps, too, but you have his best interest at heart, we know. We're happy for you that the news was good from the vet. Now he'll be joining the ranks of the rest of us minus our cojones, hehe!


  8. Good noos! Once he calms down a little, BK should make someone a great cuddle kittie.

  9. Any news on how BK is doing today? I think he will be a great inside kitty. I've taken in a couple strays and one ex-feral cat and they have all adjusted perfectly to being inside kitties.

  10. Many many concats on trapping BK and getting him to the vet. Excellent developement!


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