Thursday, February 23, 2012

kitties in the sun

After two days of heavy rain the sun decided to show it self again today. My morning started with breakfast and a glorious walk in the sunshine with a friend. On the walk back home, I realized I wasn't alone in my worshipping of the sun. It seemed all the neighborhood kitties were out soaking it up too!

Can you find all the kitties in the pictures?

And then later on today, my car passed a big milestone! 250,000 miles (402,336 km) on the odometer!! Yohooo!! Thankfully it still runs like a champ! The car is a 97 Volkswagen Jetta TDI and it being a diesel means I get great fuel economy, even with all those miles and years, I still enjoy a consistent 43 miles per gallon. I'm hoping to get another 250k on it!


  1. Oh that Volkwagen Jetta sounds pretty good right now. Our gas was $4.11 for regular!
    Guess I'll just stay home with the cats!

  2. Lots of neighbour Kitties, love seeing those house so different to what we have over here in the UK.

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  4. Congratulations on your car's milestone! :)
    Our houses are so different from yours! We have high walls and gate surrounding our house and yard...which means NO one gets to come near our main door unless they jump the gate. Oh, and not forgetting all the grills and locks on every door and window. LOL.

  5. Your neighbourhood looks like mine.

  6. Oh I am SO impressed with your Jetta's gas mileage! AND the number of miles you have driven it.

    Rain here too...seems if we have 50 days a year with sun, it would be a surprise. been that way for 3 years. Ugh.

  7. AHA! I see you have 'cat radar' too. I can spot a cat anywhere.
    Jane x

  8. looks like those kitties were enjoying the wishes we had a place we could enjoy outside and still be safe.

    We are VW people the jetta comment!

  9. I was never any good at finding "Waldo." Who are the cats outside?

  10. woo hoo way to go on the jetta. With the way gas prices are right now you're doing great.
    Glad to see all the kitties enjoying the sun.

  11. Glad the kitties got some sunshine :o)

  12. Oh my stars ~ good for you for getting all those miles/kilometres out of your car! Wishing you well in achieving another 250. :)

    I hope the sunshine sticks around for awhile. All the kitties seem to be enjoying it!

    Wishing you a terrific weekend!
    xo Catherine


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