Tuesday, February 28, 2012

return of the Family

Happy news! For the first time since I TNR'ed Oliver's family, I finally saw all of them together again! Yahooo!!!! It was Sunday night family night in the yard, because they were all out there for an hour or so eating, playing and visiting. It was so delightful to see them all, I was really starting to worry that one of them didn't make it or decided to find a different yard to hang out in. I love seeing Oliver enjoying the company of his family. He seems to love hanging out with them or play chase and pounce.

I have put out a bunch of different toys for Oliver and his family to enjoy. A few mice, a rattle ball and a crinkle ball. All of these toys migrate all around the yard and can be quite a challenge to find again! Seeing them play with the toys is a delight. 

The kitty with the short tail and white blaze on it's chest (formerly known as Mama Kitty) has a blast playing with a mousie. It tosses it in the air and then pounces on it and rolls around while playing with it. I love seeing that kitty so relaxed and enjoying itself in my yard. I could watch it play for hours! I really wanted to get some pictures of it rolling around and playing to share, but I didn't want to risk scaring them off.

Meanwhile, Oliver has taken well to being a porch kitty. I went looking for  a nice soft fleece kitty bed for him that would work well with his heating pad, but I couldn't find just the right one. So, I bought him a temporary soft kitty bed to enjoy, until I make him a custom bed out of the fleece that a friend donated.

I think Oliver likes his new bed!

Since he started living on the porch, I have noticed a shift in Oliver's clingyness. He used to glob onto me every time I went outside but now he's starting to trust that I'm not going to abandon him. Now when I walk by he may only lift his head up to acknowledge my presence. Although yesterday, he rolled over and asked to have his tummy rubbed. If I haven't been out in a while, he still gets up and demands requests some snuggle time.


  1. awwww - that is so awesome!!! We are glad the family came back - and that Oliver is so comfortable. It must be fun to watch them play....

  2. Oh, how wonderful! I'm so glad Oliver's family has settled in once more. And Oliver looks like he's settling in on the porch. He's a real handsome guy.

  3. Such happy news. Glad they are all doing well and are happy and healthy..

    That Oliver, he's a smart one

  4. How lovely to see The Family again! It sounds like your house is def part of their territory...and Oliver has claimed your porch as "his". I think that alone has calmed his anxiety over you. That nice heated bed has to help, too. Cozy!

  5. It is not easy to get a cat to accept a new bed. A new cardboard box is more of a hit. I think the heating pad is what lured him into it--I assume the porch is not directly heated. Good to hear the others are intact and together.

  6. I am so glad the whole family came back to visit! Oliver looks good in his new bed! Sounds like things are going well right now. hugs, Linda

  7. Oh what a happy post! It is so wonderful to see kitties enjoying and playing. Oliver looks very comfortable in the kitty bed :-)

  8. It's really very nice when kitties that we TNR return and we get to see how they are doing. Oliver looks really comfy in that nice little bed of his!

  9. This is all such happy news!!!!

  10. Yea for the family! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Nice job. You should feel very proud, Papa.


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