Friday, March 9, 2012

feral fun

It's 12:15am, I need to be sleeping, but I can't peel myself away from the window.

Oliver and two of his family members are enjoying the yard. It's the first warmer night we have had this winter. One of the ferals hunted a sizable rodent and is now feasting in the middle of the yard. The playful one, AKA Mama Kitty, is batting around the fake mousie I put out earlier today. Occasionally he takes a break from the mousie and zooms around the yard, just like the inside kitties do.

Oliver is parked in the yard, staring at me. He's wanting me to make the red dot appear so he can chase it around the yard, something he loves to do.

Mama Kitty has now taken the mousie into the Dining Hall and is batting it around inside. Just how does a feral cat know that fake mousies are for batting around?! This is the third fake mousie, I don't know what happened to the previous two. The yard is big, and Mama Kitty likes to stage creative deaths for his mousies.

I should be sleeping, I've got to get up early for work tomorrow, but watching Mama Kitty roll around in the yard is mesmerizing. So far tonight, I have only seen three cats in one place at a time. I keep looking for the fourth.

Oliver remains steadfast, watching me. The hunter kitty continues to devour it's fresh kill.

Mama Kitty chased the red dot for the first time this evening. He's lightening fast. I try to stop the red dot on a toy or leaf, so when they pounce on it they actually land on something solid.

I'm wondering if there will be a rodent carcass waiting for me in the yard come daylight, if so, it will be the first I've noticed. Hopefully, hunter kitty practices 'leave no trace hunting' and cleans up after himself.

Observing the ferals is giving me a sense of their personalities. I really like Mama Kitty, he's playful, silly and inquisitive. Hunter kitty seems serious and focused. Oliver is easy going and playful as usual. He always seems happy to share his toys, food and housing with his family.

Hunter kitty is chasing the red dot now, while Oliver looks on. The speed at which these cats run astounds me.

Having a feral family in my yard is like having a wild safari just outside my door. I'll take watching the ferals over television any day.

This could go on all night, except I need to sleep! Good night delightful outside kitties.


  1. I think Mama Kitty needs a new name. LOL.

    Hopefully you will get some sleep and wake to a rodent-carcass-free yard. :-)

  2. All cats are better than television IMHO. I love watching my 4 indoor kitties during their playful moments....or just plain silly moments! :)

  3. Seeing animals doing what they were created to do is fascinating..a glimpse into lives we don't ordinarily see..worth bleary eyes!
    Jane x

  4. Yep - cat TV is a lot of fun....we are so glad they have you and are relaxed and safe in the backyard!

  5. Much better then TV for sure. I love how the red dot is so much fun for cats. I agree I guess Mama Kitty could now be MK for Man Kitty? lol...hope you got some sleep! hugs, Linda

  6. I love cat TV and I really like your feeling toward your outdoor family. Makes my whiskers turn up as Brian would have said.

  7. There's nothing like kitty tv!


  8. What a good show they are putting on for you!

  9. thanks for sharing the fun with us! It really sounds like you have a feline paradise in the making.

  10. I hope you got a good night sleep :-) Mama Kitty sounds very playful. I wish I could see them play, too!

  11. I hope you managed some sleep, it is great to see them play, especially when you don't expect it!

    1. You have really made a great set up in your yard for the whole family. It's nice to hear they have such a fun and safe place to be.


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