Thursday, March 22, 2012

mixed bag

It's been kind of an emotionally heavy day.

I've said many times that I am new to the TNR thing. I am learning lots about how it all works. Apparently a few more cats were trapped from the site that I assisted with over the weekend. Two of the cats were female, pregnant with 5 kittens each. I wondered how cats could be spayed when pregnant, so I asked. The answer has rattled me.

In utero kittens are euthanized.

I didn't sleep well last night, waking numerous times thinking of those kittens.

This answer was explained to me and I have to admit that the explanation makes logical sense. And I can't think of other better solutions and yet I feel immense sorrow at this outcome. Whenever I think of this my heart aches. I can tell that this is going to take me some time to grieve and work through.

A long time ago, I bought a small stuffed rabbit dog toy thinking the cats might like to hunt it and Kickeroo-it. It was a major flop, none of the cats expressed the slightest interest. So, in a stroke of genius last night, I tossed it to the ferals, thinking maybe they would appreciate it and boy have they! They love batting it around, pouncing on it and even Kickeroo-ing it! It's so fun to see them play and play.

Handsome Oliver posing near his new rabbit toy

Unnamed feral pouncing on the new rabbit toy

I live 3,000 miles (4,828 km) away from my mother and father. I really wish this were not so, especially in moments like these.

I got an email from my mother this morning letting me know that my father would be going into the hospital early tomorrow (Thursday) morning for an angioplasty. Apparently yesterday the cardiologist found some irregular heart beats and he has at least one artery with some significant blockage. They won't really know the extent of the situation until they get in there. His angioplasty was scheduled with some urgency - the cardiologist is coming in on his day off, which I'm hoping is really because his boat payment is coming due and he saw an opportunity for some overtime, rather than this being truly urgent.

My father experienced a similar thing 10 years ago, when the angioplasty revealed he needed immediate quadruple bypass surgery. That was scary at the time but thankfully, everything went well in the end.

I would appreciate any and all prayers and purrs for a successful procedure and subsequent operation.

The USS Nimitz, an aircraft carrier is here!

I live in a Navy town. The aircraft carrier that had been stationed here for many years recently left for a new homeport and the Navy pier was looking rather naked. But no more, as the Nimitz commands a significant presence on the waterfront.

Willow hasn't lost any of her cutes

I'm a bit of a hypercondriac when it comes to my kitties well-being. I happened to arrive at the house this afternoon right when Willow was finishing up in the litter box. I thought nothing of it until I noticed her anus was all bloody. I freaked. The stool appeared normal, so I'm not sure what's going on, but I'll be keeping a sharp eye on her butt!


  1. We're sending prayers and purrs that your Dad will be alright.

    When I first caught Meow-Me, I must admit that I had planned to terminate her pregnancy. But when I was told her pregnancy was very advanced (she gave birth 2 weeks later), and the termination would be very very risky to her and also how the kittens would be left to suffocate from a lack of oxygen, I decided against it. If only people would be responsible and neuter their animals, decisions like these won't need to be made.

    Sending purrs to Willow too! :)

  2. I would have a hard time with the thought of the unborn babies being euthanized but I know it's what must be done. I will keep your Dad in my prayers! Stay strong! Linda

  3. I hope everything will be perfectly fine with your Dad. My parents live close by, they have their health issues and I can't imagine how would I feel living so far away from them.

    The pregnant cats.. I know, been there, done that. I mourned the loss, too. It is so hard to deal with...

  4. I can't say it's the same thing with Willow as it was with my Lil Sweetie but she had the same issue. I took her to the vet since I'm a hypochondriac too when it comes to my cats. She couldn't find anything wrong with her. She thought perhaps it was a hairball issue in her stomach since she was also very gassy. She suggested I give her Laxatone. So far so good. I haven't seen anymore blood on her back end.

    When my ferals were all TNR'd I didn't know at that time if any of them were pregnant the unborn kittens would be euthanized. It really struck me hard to find out two of them were indeed pregnant and that's what happened to the unborn kittens. It took me awhile to deal with that part of it so I certainly can sympathisize with what you are feeling right now.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family and I hope your father has a speedy recovery.

  5. Wow...sounds like alot going on in your life right now. I hope all is well for your family and your kitties.

    I also don't like hearing about spay-aborts...I know why they do it....but it is a sad thing that there are so many homeless kitties that such a thing is necessary. Its ok to mourn for them. There are so many lives that pass this earth by unknown and unmourned and only God remembers them....

  6. Purrs and purrayers to your dad for this -- and for your entire family, Phil.

    Don't panic (yet) over Willow--sometimes a blood vessel will break, I think.

    I know that unborn kittens often are euthanized during spaying, if they're under a certain age. It's not the ideal solution--there is no ideal solution. Well, except maybe neutering the humans who are too stupid to take care of their pets properly, with the hope they won't pass on their "stupid" gene.

    Yeah, there are a few topics about which I feel very strongly. LOL.

    Fingers and paws crossed for your dad, we all hope you'll be able to give a good news update.

  7. The loss of those kittens makes my heart ache, too.

  8. Purrs to you and your family.

    Mom says she has a hard time with spay/abort too. But, what is the solution? There is just no good answer other than getting people to spay/neuter and more involved in TNR. If the moms are truly wild, you can't confine them for 8 weeks to care for kittens. And do you let the pregnant mom go knowing she is going to have kittens and you may never catch her again or her kittens? We wish that it didn't have to happen....and it breaks our hearts as well.

    Keep watching your cats and the ones in the yard....knowing that they are safe and cared for makes a huge difference. As mom says, you can't do everything, but you can help right here right now. :)

  9. Prayers for you, your family, and all furry things everywhere.
    Jane x

  10. Prayers to you and your family. And your father's doctor so he has a successful procedure.

    I've fostered a couple of pregnant cats that were spayed before giving birth for medical reasons. It is so sad to think of lives that won't be that could have been, but kittens are not viable until very shortly before they are born. Sadly so many things can go wrong both for the mother and the babies and unowned there is little money to properly help out.. not to mention that each litter simply adds to the problem that created this situation.

    I had one mother abort her own kittens (premature birth) the kittens were so small and did not live more then a few minutes. I've had others that also went horribly wrong - but then again I take on high risk cases. Watching those cats go through that is far worse an option then taking them before they are born.

    I hate that it is a viable and oft preferred option, but having been on the other end and having it go badly, I can tell you that I'm on board with it.

  11. So many things going on in your life right now. I didn't know that about pregnant TNR moms either - that's very sad. Please heed Connie's advice/counsel [above].
    Prayers for your dad and mom during this time. It is very hard to be so far away.
    Let's hope that Willow is fine, that it's something minor. I am definitely a hypochondriac for my kitties, so I know how you feel.
    On a lighter note, I love the pix of the outdoor cats with the rabbit!!
    Keep us posted!

  12. It does seem so heartless to lose those kittens in utero.
    I knew this was done.
    It is heartbreaking to learn some of the practices that go on.
    It is just hard.
    Keeping your Dad in my prayers and I hope you have heard he is fine and all will be well.

  13. I hope everything will go well and be successful for your father.

  14. I would have had the same reaction to the kittens being euthanized. Makes my eyes leaky just reading about it. Yes, I "understand" but my heart doesn't.

  15. I'm glad your dad's procedure went well! Harley's momcat was feral and she just came to the shelter to be spayed and released. It turns out that she was within a day of giving birth, so the vet in this case decided to deliver the kittens or we would not have Harley.


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