Friday, January 11, 2013

black cat party

Almost every night on the back porch, Oliver hosts a black cat party!

You can come too if you're all black...

and you like to hang out in the wee hours of the morning.

Sometimes the party starts early.

Come on, get up!! Let's party!
Food is provided, but quantities are limited.

There are only two warm beds...

 so sometimes you gotta negotiate...

and sometimes you gotta share the bed.

Who let the white cat in?!
There's always plenty to do...

sometimes even wildlife to watch.

It's always a good time at Oliver's all night black cat parties!!

If you meet the criteria and wanna party, please consider yourself invited!

Party! Party!


  1. OMC, those raccoons are BIG. Very well fed. LOL. Every critter knows where to get a good meal, obviously. :-)

  2. if I dress up in all black and put on my cat ears, do you think they would notice?

  3. can we join the party? we are 2 black cats, mom and daughter from Romania, which is in Europe.
    and can we bring Max the goofy, too??? he's black as well, but dog. nobody's perfect, you know... :)))

  4. Well Mr Toes is almost all black, just has his 'formal' fur on!

  5. I don't think Jenna should go. She is a medium long haired black cat, but she doesn't play well with strangers. So cute how all those critters get along on the porch. Goes to show what a little shelter and food can do :)

  6. They sure are some big Raccoons.Our Toby and Mr. Buttons will be by for the next black Party.
    Have a great week.
    Timmy Tomcat

  7. I meets some of those qualifications, but those big stripey invaders don't look to friendly. Love you guys, the party looks like fun, but I think I am going to stay home.


  8. What a good time! And there are no fights with the raccoons? That would worry me.

  9. And a good time was had by all!
    We had unwanted visitors also but---they were huge possums. We wondered why our outside cats ate so much at night and stayed so thin. We also had raccoons and the only way to withdraw the invite to the party was to withdraw the food. Possums are stupid but raccoons are mean. We checked on repellants but ended up putting baby powder down which they hate as it doesn't taste good and makes a mess in the water. Good luck with those critters!

  10. Let the good times roll at your house., I think I'll come over and join the pawty.

  11. Can I come? I'm not a black cat, but I've been owned by a black cat and I am currently owned by 2 grays and cow kitty!

  12. OMC !!! This is pawsome outdoor pawty !
    No way ! I'm going to miss this ...But it seem like I have to do baby clawing, so you guys won't see my white..tee...heh ( Great to have tuxedo suit )

    PS : Today I have interview at MouseBreath, See me there if you can. One comment, You have a chance to win 5 lucky kitties ! Mom will make graphic for your next special event ! Here the link

  13. Darn! I'm a tabby...guess I will have to look for another party!

  14. The party looks really fun! We have three all-black cats. And we get some raccoons sometimes, too.

    Thanks for commenting on homelesscatcare

  15. OMG. You have so much activity on your back porch at night. That is incredible. I love the photos. The ones with all the cats are great. Love seeing them all be able to be in that small a space and getting along. And the one white cat to the party? That is funny. It's the wildlife that would make me a little nervous. Very glad everyone is getting along.

  16. We will join you next party! Love the banditos that came to the party!!

    cats of wildcat woods

  17. Wow! I want in on that--except those 'coons look a leetle skeery to me. Can I have the bed while they're around? I don't mind sharing.

  18. Wowsa, we are very impressed at this party! The acoons are a bit frightening, but we guess a lil' bit of wildlife thrown into the mix doesn't do any harm. Does it???
    Many purrs,
    squirrelridden, Siena & Chilli

  19. WE love black cats and envy this black cat pawty! You know last night as I was feeding station 4 of the Riverfront Cats, a racoon scrambled out and drank the fresh water, then dipped his front paws to rinse them and stood in line with the cats for his pile of cat food. I wanted to take video but of course feeding the cats is the priority. Once I completed dishing the food, he went back for more water, and to rinse his paws again! What manners. Hence I replenished the water bowl for the cats. Unfortunately, racoon wobbled away I could not videotape.


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