Tuesday, January 1, 2013

last visitor of the year

When I tried to get out of bed this morning, I lost my balance and fell back into the bed. That was the first sign that today was not going to go well. I quickly realized everything was spinning and I was dizzy - welcome back my friend vertigo. I spent nearly all day resting my head against a pillow, sleeping as being conscious was miserable. And sadly I haven't had a touch of alcohol! I even had to cancel my plans to celebrate the new year with friends. Sigh.

Even though I felt horrid, I did get to spend four hours this morning cuddling with my Oliver in bed. I also had the opportunity to look his injuries over in the daylight and his claws weren't as bad off as they first appeared last night. The claws are still in rough shape but at least they are still there! Seeing that brightened my spirits a little. I decided to hold off on the vet visit for now and to continue to observe him for other signs of distress.

Thanks everyone for the kind emails and comments. I greatly appreciate all the feedback. One follower mentioned Oliver might have internal injuries if he was hit by a car, which is something I hadn't considered. Seeing that he let me hold him many times today and I could touch him anywhere without him reacting, I'm thinking he's most likely fine, but again, I will be observing him closely.

Laura saw the white cat again this evening. It was visiting with Theo through the front porch door. Then a little while later, I saw it walking away from the backyard, it's really big. Apparently, the fight with Oliver wasn't enough to keep it away. Sigh.

Since it's been coming around more, I thought I should review the images from the back porch camera to see if it has come onto the back porch yet. And indeed, it showed up about 2:15 this morning.

As you can see, the visiting cat is wearing a collar. It's not a cat I recognize from the neighborhood. Oliver and MK are sharing the bed as they both intently watch this interloper.

The visitor rolls in the nip...

and plays with Oliver's toys. But it doesn't express much interest in the food.

Now I'll need to figure out what to do with this visiting cat. Next time I get the chance I will see if it's friendly and has any identification on the collar.

Isn't there some kind of superstition about the first unexpected visitor of the new year? Something about if they are a dark haired gentleman then you will have good luck for that year. I suppose it's good this visitor came before the start of the new year! I think this is the first lighter colored cat that has visited.

It's really hard not being able to fully protect the ones you love. I so wish I could bring Oliver and his family inside so they could all be safe and fully cared for, but with feral cats, it doesn't work that way. I obviously need more practice at learning how to do what I can to help and then to let go of what I can't control. Sigh.

I'll let you know a little secret, I'm working on a therapeutic approach to get Oliver to stop spraying so maybe someday he can be a full-time inside kitty! If it works, you'll hear a lot more about it!

Meanwhile, I'll focus on apprehending this collared visitor! But first, I think it's time for bed once again.


  1. I wonder if by chance Oliver might have gotten trapped somewhere for the morning he was missing? Perhaps a garage? Surely digging at something for an extended period could cause that damage to the nails.

    As for the vertigo, I too suffer from it periodically, it is terrible! I find that 25mg meclizine works wonders for me, I believe it is sold as Bonine. It makes the wobbly world straight again, and a dose lasts 24 hours.

    Happy New Years to you all, hoping for a peaceful resolution to the white cat situation...

    1. Hi! Thanks for the tip about Meclizine, I forgot about it and I even have some in the medicine cabinet. I've tried it before but with no success, but I just took some now, I've got nothing to lose but some nausea. Off to bed.

    2. I suffer from vertigo as well and take meclizine. Luckily I have never had the nausea that's commonly associated with it. Never a good thing when the moment you try to get out of bed you know it's going to be a day of dizziness and spinning.

  2. Wow ! I miss lot of things..Feel lost a little bit...tee...heh
    For me, If you can get Oliver, and checks him closely , It will be good. because for us, If Oliver have internal injuries. That could be no good. Like human, internal injuries are more worse than external injuries because you couldn't see.

    About your visitor, We sure he or she bring you good luck. May be he or she want to say the same thing as I do right now.

    Happy New Year 2013 to you and your family : )
    May Every Single Day of Your New Year Glow With
    Pawsome Cheer, Excellent Healthy, & Happiness

    Puddy Boy : )

  3. Is the assumption that the white cat is lost? Abandoned? S/he could be microchipped--hope you can get close enough to check the collar for ID. Good luck!

    Healing purrs that you feel better soon....And we wish you the very best in every way for 2013.

  4. Hope your vertigo doesn't make mucch of an appearance this year.
    I'd love to hear about the spraying solution (we have a stress sprayer).
    I missed Oliver being in the wars,I do hope he's OK.
    Jane x

  5. Hope you feel better soon and thanks for all the great posts!
    Happy Mew Year
    Purrs and Head Bonks
    Timmy T and Family

  6. Hope you feel better soon, has your Dr. prescribed anything for you? Also hope you can find the owner for your visiting cat.

  7. purrs to you that you get over this quickly..

    I look forward to hearing who this 'interloper' is..

  8. hope you are feeling better soon......

    we hope you can figure out who the interloper is. We wish Oliver and his family a peaceful new year.

    I know what you mean about wanting to bring them in - we have about 6 inches of snow here and it is below freezing and all I can wish is that Allie (and her apparent new friend) are as safe and warm as I can make them. sigh.....

  9. Glad that Oliver seems better then you thought! Take care of yourself...vertigo sounds awful. I'm resting today and just taking it easy! Happy 2013~
    hugs, Linda

  10. Here's to a happy and healthy 2013! Healthy especially--we hope the vertigo GOES, and quickly.

    VERY interested in your spraying solution...

  11. Happy New Year! I hope Oliver will become full-time inside kitty so he will be totally safe.

  12. Very sorry to hear about the vertigo. I have had it in the past, and it's awful. Over the past few years when I get dehydrated I get vertigo.
    Curious about your spraying "cure" - if you want my Jackson Galaxy drops you can have them - they didn't seem to do anything for my cats! I have several different ones.
    Happy New Year!!

  13. Happy New Year along with the fursibs. xoxoxo I hope to be back before long. I have truly missed you.

  14. Your visitor look friendly and not a stray. I hope there is ID. We love Furcodes. We had a similar situation last year and the cat had a collar but no ID. After canvassing the neighborhood thankfully I found out where he lived. Happy New Year 2013 to you and your family from ours!

  15. Oh my gosh, we hope everything is ok over there! Hugs and purrs and hope for a Happy New Year!

  16. Hope you're feeling better ASAP! And wishing Oliver the best 2013 possible! Purrs xo


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