Tuesday, January 22, 2013

love bomb

Nahum looked different Monday morning. He looked like he somehow got more floofy and lighter in color. I suspect he had Willow bathe him all night so he's all clean and extra-soft!

I tried to get some pictures of his new look, can you tell the difference?
Nahum Monday morning

Nahum a few weeks ago

It's kind of hard to tell, but he's lighter! I promise!

And then Nahum got tired of the photo shoot and...

out of the blue he charged the photographer...

knocking him to the floor...

and then it got ugly...

he demanded head rubs.

The look of a successful love-bomb!!

Someone's looking rather happy with himself while his victim lay near death on the floor

16 pounds of fluffy cat holding you to the floor can be overwhelming

especially when he demands even more loves

When will it end?!

Finally, he relents. And thankfully sweet Willow came along and nursed me back to health, so I lived to tell the tale. Flufferoonies! Watch out for that super fluffy Nahums!


  1. there are worse ways to go that being fluffed by Nahum. LOVE those whiskers....what a sweet happy boy :)

  2. This how cats will take over the world!
    Jane x

  3. Thanks for my smile...loved the photos, especially #s 14 and #15 (the two before the last one). :-)

    BTW, can you tell me what template you're using to get the menu bar to extend the width of the screen? I've been playing around in the template, but can't find how I do that. Thanks!

    keas DOT fuzzy DOT tales AT gmail DOT com

  4. Wonderful photos! I would love to pet him!!

  5. Nahum wins again! :) BTW, did you ever find a new home for Hershey?

  6. That is so funny. What a big guy he is, no wonder he knocked you over.

  7. A Nahum charge and love cuddle, totally awesome! although I'm not sure which one of you is happier during it :)

  8. MOL, great moves Nahum!
    you know, there are some days when the kitties seem especially soft and fluffy, we have no idea why, so we just enjoy it!

  9. I love to be on my daddy's tummy too : )
    and it like on the roller coaster..is Up and then Down, and then up and down...a bit of fun...tee..heh..heh
    Have a great day Nahum

  10. Priceless examples of why we love cats and are their slaves!

  11. Nahum you were sweet to show off your uber fluffiness! I think the attack to get head rubs is always appreciated...really it is! You look Marvelous!

  12. I think the lighting in the ROOM was lighter :)


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