Thursday, January 28, 2010

cat gear

Theo needed to shop for a new harness for class - kind of like the kid needing a new backpack for school even though last years is still quite serviceable. My AAT instructor informed me that the harness I was using was not appropriate for animal therapy work and needed to be replaced by one that doesn't adjust with the cat's level of movement.

I had been using a Come With Me Kitty Harness by Premier (which is the cat equivalent of the Gentle Leader dog harness.) The nice thing about this harness was the shoulder straps tighten and loosen as the cat moves around without putting pressure on the throat. On a traditional harness the strap around the head can press against the throat if the cat jerks fast.

So we head over to Pet Pros, our local pet store chain, where I buy the cat gear. I like the smaller store, it tends to be a less crazy atmosphere which is more cat friendly. The woman working the store was very gracious and allowed us to try on each of the harness options for Theo. The harness needed to fit well and be stylish. We eventually settled on a basic black step-in.

Theo was like a kid in a toy store! He checked out a bunch of toys but finally settled on the Kong Kickeroo, which now lives in the middle of our living room!

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