Friday, January 15, 2010


Theo has spent time on the street. We don't fully know his story, but when we found him he was foraging his own meals. Outdoor cats do this all the time without any problem, but Theo was a former inside kitty and from his constant interest in food, I am guessing his foraging skills were a little rusty - he was a very hungry kitty!

After two weeks of regular generous feedings, Theo is always demanding more food. He is driving us all crazy with his non-stop begging. As soon as he gets his serving of nuggets, he inhales them and immediately begs for more.

In an effort to teach Theo that he needn't worry about running out of food, I decided to try to give him a huge bowl of nuggets, hoping he would cut himself off before he overate and got sick. Apparently a cat's 'full-switch' can be damaged leaving them with a perpetual hunger for food. (A friend recently shared a story of her cat that would stuff itself, vomit it all up and immediately go for new food.)

After eating about two thirds of the bowl of nuggets, Theo took a break. Our house is momentarily quiet.

I am reminded of my good fortune and the great blessings I have received. All of my life I have never known hunger like Theo, I have never lived in fear of when my next meal would come. I am thankful.

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