Saturday, January 16, 2010

sweet & sour

"Girls are sugar and spice and everything nice. Boys are snails, nails and puppy dog tails." I remember my mom playfully saying these words every so often when I was a young boy. As an adult now looking back, I don't think she really believed these seemingly cute little platitudes, and yet I kind of wonder if on some level I bought into them.

I often refer to Willow as 'Sweet Willow' although lately she has demonstrated many very unsweet behaviors. A few months ago she started playfully pouncing on Nahum with the frequent result of annoying and upsetting him. She frequently growls and hisses at Theo and even attempted to nip at him today. Even though this level of aggression appears somewhat new, she has never really been that affectionate, especially as compared to Nahum.

Sure, Willow has her moments of sweetness, but by far Nahum's personality is much sweeter in nature. And yet I never refer to Nahum as 'Sweet Nahum'. I can't help but wonder if I am experiencing Willow through my boyhood 'girls are sweet' lens. Lately Willow has certainly provided lots of evidence against the original axiom being true. I also wonder how my relationship with Willow will change as I experience her more as she really is (both sweet and sour) versus my distorted yet familiar view.

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