Sunday, January 31, 2010

viewing shelves

Over a year ago, I built a window shelf under the large front window on the enclosed front porch. In the warmer months, Max would frequently be found sprawled out on the shelf, enjoying the view of his front yard. He seemed to enjoy being higher up and having a broader view of the front yard.  Of course the birds in the rhododendron kept his attention.
Willow and Nahum have been enjoying this view and Willow also uses the shelf to get better access to bugs.  Occasionally, there is a kitty traffic jam - one cat tries to leave while the other obstructs the exit. This problem is currently being reviewed for possible solutions.

Since the one shelf gets cramped with two cats, I figured with the addition of the new cat, we needed more window shelves! So, after a little measuring and cutting we now have two additional kitty viewing platforms. The new ones are on the back enclosed porch, under the back and side windows.

Judging from the amount of use these new shelves are getting, they were definitely necessary home improvements! Next up may be a shelf widening project.

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