Sunday, January 17, 2010

traveling kitty show

In preparation for Nahum's upcoming therapy animal training, I have been taking him on the road, trying to help him get accustomed to meeting people in unfamiliar places.

Tonight I loaded Nahum and Theo into the car and headed to Seattle to visit a friend and her chocolate lab. Nahum was cautious and on edge but curious enough to sniff everything in the house. By the end he was sprawled on the soft cushy chair, watching the dog be a dog.

Theo explored the house as if surveying a new part of his kingdom. By the end of the visit he was eating treats off the dog's paw and convincing his new human friend to carry him around on her back. Meanwhile, Nahum watched with mild interest.

Theo did just as I expected while Nahum exceeded my expectations. I feared he might hide under the couch, sacred and anxious to return home. I hope with more positive exposure his comfort level will only increase.

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