Sunday, April 18, 2010

cat show

I went to a cat show yesterday! I have been to many dog shows in the past, but this was only my second cat show. Cat shows operate very differently than dog shows. They seem much less orderly and more chaotic, which I suppose could be a reflection of the species!

How the judging works is still a mystery to me. It seems various breeds and types of cats compete against each other. From what I hear there is a system to the process, however, I will need to attend more shows before I get a handle on how things work.

The basic operation is very different from a dog show. The handlers place their feline-entrants into the proper cage behind the judge and then sit in the viewing gallery to watch how their cat does. The judge takes each cat from it's cage, places it on the judging table and runs it through a number of various tests to check it out and then returns it to it's cage. The same process unfolds for each cat. The awarding of ribbons process is very confusing as there are multiple ribbons given out, it is not nearly as straight forward as a dog show. Ultimately how the winner is selected is still way beyond my understanding.

Similar to a dog show, you can walk around the animal staging areas, where the handlers are frantically prepping their cats before entering the ring. I have found the handlers to be very friendly and happy to talk about their cats. Sometimes they will even let you pet and hold one!

One major difference between a dog show and a cat show is the eccentric feline pampering paraphernalia. Cat show people certainly put a lot of work into the look and comfortableness of their cat-tent and accompanying space. Apparently, no amount of material or lace is too much for Fluffy.

It is clear from the energy in the room, that the people showing cats and spectating are having a good time. Compared to a dog show, there is a lot more interaction between the handlers, audience and judges. The judge often talks about what he or she is noticing in the cat as they look it over.

After another successful and fun show, I will be looking out for an upcoming larger cat show, one that hopefully has agility! That will be fun!

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