Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I admit it, I favor Willow.

It seems Willow can do no wrong, at least in my world! I find myself making excuses for Willow's behavior, painting her in a more positive light. "Surely, she didn't jump on the counter, all the cats know better, especially Willow!"

Theo is not allowed on the table, especially when we are eating. Nahum is not allowed on the table near the food when we are eating. Willow, she is not allowed to eat off the plates on the table. She seems to get special permissions the other cats don't get.

Willow is allowed under the sheets on the bed. Theo has to fight his way under and Nahum is not at all interested in such craziness.

Willow gets first crack at hunting bugs even though the others are very interested.

Willow gets first dibs on newly created kitty spots.

Theo gets squirted with water when hunting Willow. Theo gets a verbal reprimand when hunting Nahum. Willow gets no reprimand when hunting anyone.

Movies get paused when Willow is being exceptionally cute. Actually, that's true for all of them!

Indeed, Willow gets special treatment. But is that such a bad thing?!

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