Friday, April 23, 2010


Laura took Theo to the internal specialist today in hopes of finding the cause of his diarrhea troubles. His situation is certainly perplexing, as he looks a like a healthy cat and continues to eat like a horse.

The specialist-vet performed an ultrasound to check out his innards and we got the news that everything on the inside looks like it should. She read through his chart notes and wondered if he has ever been properly de-wormed. Wouldn't that be something, to spend all this time and money only to have it be worms! Ugh! They were going to give him the de-worming medicine just in case and meanwhile we are to return to the first medication we tried and hope for the best.

The vet also noted after looking over Theo's innards, that he is a young cat. We had been thinking he was young, but then the wear on his tooth made us think older, but now we are back to younger again! If only it was that easy to be young again!

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