Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have really been enjoying Nahum lately. His silliness and constant eagerness to play have been delightful to my heart.

His excitement of having me home is clearly communicated each time I return after being away for the day. I may get several requests for tummy rubs quickly followed up by requests to play. Meanwhile he talks up a storm with all of his odd but cute vocalizations.

If I don't make it into the living room where most of his toys are quick enough, he drags a toy out to me and asks that I make it move for him.

He is not much of a snuggler, unless you catch him right when he wakes up. Every morning I used to get great Nahum cuddles at around 6am when he would climb on my chest and snuggle in. Sadly, he recently stopped this ritual.

Nahum loves his boxes! Each trip to Costco yields another box of never-ending fun! His recent favorite is a flat tomato box. He carries all of his favorite toys to his box and enjoys having them near. It is common to find him sprawled out in his box asleep with his toys.

Nahum most always makes me laugh and smile. For this I am very grateful.

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