Thursday, April 29, 2010

turning point

Today was an exciting day. Hang the streamers, adorn the party hats and prepare to dance!

Today, Theo had his first solid-formed poop in three months!! Could it be that the chronic diarrhea is over and done with?!

When I picked Theo up from the specialist last Friday, he seemed different. He was acting much more subdued than usual. He still was interested in food but not crazy interested like before. He was energetic but not bouncing off the walls. And then this morning I witnessed the moment of glory.

What was the magic cure? We have no idea. The specialist didn't give him anything, they only performed diagnostic work. And we didn't change his meds until Sunday, but maybe the nasty deworming medicine (Panacur) has made an immediate difference. Whatever brought about this change, I am thankful.

I left Theo's regular vet, Annabelle Zastrow, a note this morning, informing her of the good news. I ended the note with "it is fun being a crazy cat person!" Denial no more, the actions prove it: texting my wife with the breaking news about Theo's accomplishment, sharing the exciting news with the vet, dancing a celebratory jig after Theo did the deed - they all point to one thing. Today is more than the day Theo's poop solidified, it is the day I realized I have crossed over the line into being "the crazy cat guy". Time to start shopping for the cat emblazoned apparel and accessories.

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