Saturday, April 24, 2010


Nahum very clearly expresses his likes and dislikes. He likes his box, his shoe and his string. He dislikes getting medicine, being held and being placed in a lap. Until recently, I had forgotten that he also likes his chair - a blue desk chair that previously belonged to Laura.

The chair is ideal for Nahum, it provides a soft cushy spot for napping, has a built-in tall scratching post, it swivels, and it has an assortment of noise-making levers on the bottom to play with. When he is playing in his chair, his body exudes delight! It is very fun to see.

Seeing Nahum's joy made me wonder if I am as free to express my delight? I think the easy answer is "no". Freely sharing delight is too risky - why open oneself up to be mocked, shamed or hurt?

This morning I enjoyed a great moment of joy with Laura as we watched Nahum play with his chair. Nahum's playful freedom gave me a gift. Holding back my joy may act to protect me but it also prevents me from experiencing greater depth in relationship that comes with being truly known and loved.

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