Wednesday, March 2, 2011

breakfast call

6am is when the cats expect their breakfast. If breakfast is late, they graciously provide a reminder service each in their own way.

Max had the best wake up routine. In his very sweet way, he would lightly walk over to my head as I slept and he would very gently start licking me on the nose. It was his way of saying good morning. If I didn't respond to the gentle licks after awhile of trying he would mix in the the tiniest of nips to the nose. That usually got my attention!

Now, Willow's approach is to get near my face and stare at me. She is attempting to use her charms and sad eyes, which doesn't work well because it's dark and my eyes are closed. After some time she will add one little Myrup! to her efforts. The cuteness and gentleness of her approach does make me feel guilty for sleeping past their breakfast time.

Nahum takes a very different approach. He dive bombs the bed. He will run across the room, jumps on the bed and runs across the foot of the bed and jumps down all at lightening speed. This is repeated over and over. His actions are also accompanied by the strange sounds he makes.

Theo takes the blunt approach. He hops up climbs on top of me or gets near my face and he starts meowing loudly in my face. Theo's meow is more of a demand, there's nothing gracious about it.

Rose, with her skittishness is more limited in what she offers to the cause. She may climb the clothes drying rack or run around to make some noise, but generally she sits off to the side on the room and lets out a little squeak! Like Willow's approach, her little squeak does also add to the guilt feelings which often prompts human action.

Together they all do their part to remind us silly humans that it's time to feed them. Somehow, even without their reminders, I don't think we would forget.


  1. Heh, that sounds very much like one of my mornings. And it doesn't matter to them if I've slept past their feeding time or not... sometimes they wake me up at 4 AM "just because". :) I will be curious to read whether Rose gets more daring as time goes on. It happened to one of ours.

    It sounds like you have plenty of furry alarm clocks. No chance of oversleeping at all.

  2. Ah! Frankie sits by my pillow and swats the lampshade while Daisy walks on my bladder. Jasper has only lived with us for 2 months so he is more polite and sits in the doorway need for any electric alarm clocks in our house...5:45am Mon. thru Sun.


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