Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mourning Carrie

I got word today that my parents's dog, Carrie, has passed on. She was 11 years old and lived a very full life. I didn't have a lot of personal history with Carrie, but I certainly enjoyed her on my visits.

I am most thankful for Carrie for her role in being a personal therapy dog for both mom and dad. Carrie helped my mother in her battle with cancer by encouraging her and providing lots of emotional support. And even though I haven't heard my dad admit it, I think Carrie also helped him in his recovery from heart surgery. Carrie was friendly, loved to go on walks and liked a good romp in the snow. She was the only dog I ever knew who would lay upside-down and hold a toy in the air with her front paws! She really enjoyed her squeaky toys and all the special human-food treats mom would bring home for her.

I don't know if there is an dog-equivalent of Starclan, but I believe Carrie is now playing with Penny, Lassie, Tinker, Misty and Kimmie in heaven, all dogs I have loved dearly.

Thank you Carrie for being a great dog and for so wonderfully blessing my mother and father. I hope you can play and run free now in your new perfect body. Enjoy rolling in the snow and I look forward to seeing you again in heaven.

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  1. Purrs to your mom and dad as they cope with the grief of Carrie's passing. Please pass on our deepest condolences. Our mom lost her beloved Annie three weeks ago, so understands how deep the heart ache is.

    -Nicki and Derry


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