Friday, March 25, 2011

happy reunion!

In my line of work, I get to hear many difficult and heart wrenching stories. It seems many of the stories have sad endings. I try to not pay much attention to the news, because it just brings me down. However, I saw this positive story from the Boston Globe.

Dog found alive in rubble, month after fire

Terisa Acevedo figured she had lost her miniature Dachshund in the fire that gutted her house. She hoped maybe the dog escaped and ran off. Nearly a month after the fire, she visited the house and heard her noises coming from inside the boarded up house. She gained entry by removing the boards from the door and was reunited with her little dog! Yea!

There are also some heartwarming stories of animals being rescued coming out of Japan, particularly from Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. One such story was posted yesterday about a dog that was found by the Animal Control Center in Miyako, Iwate. A local vet reunited the dog with its owner!

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  1. This happenned near where I live,it`s amazing she lived & such a sweet dog.phyllis


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