Wednesday, March 16, 2011

broken heart

I have seen many images of the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The pictures are horrific, beyond anything I can imagine.

As I viewed the pictures, most of the feelings were coming from my brain. I felt the concept of pain but more disbelief.

Then tonight, I saw these two images and it sent me over the edge.

My heart hurts.

Imagining all the cats who one minute were enjoying their usual lives then the next minute were separated from their humans, scared, cold, suffering and hungry. Damn. I hope this little kitty was rescued and is now safe, warm and happily reunited with it's humans. I have no background information on this image, I found it over at Under Paw.

This image tears me up. I pray for the safety of all the kitties traumatized by the recent events in Japan. May Starclan light your way to safety and comfort.


  1. I really wish I can go there and save the kitty :(!

  2. We really hope that kitty was saved by whoever took the pic.

    It's going to be tragic, desperate situation for a long time...We hope the news media will report the good being done in Japan (successful rescue/aid efforts/etc), not just focus on the horror.

    -Fuzzy Tales


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