Monday, June 6, 2011

first yard-time

Just had the the first sunny weekend of the year! We celebrated by enjoying some yard-time.

Theo watching Gromit (a friend's doggy) mindlessly chase the ball

Theo giving me a glare

stalking prey in tall grasses

checking out a kitty trail


  1. Theo, what a great adventure! (Not sure about the woofie, though. LOL.) Three cheers for yard time!

  2. We aren't too sure about that woofie either, though it looks like you are safe since you aren't a tennis ball. Wish we could get some yard time like that!!

  3. Theo looks like a jungle kitty in the tall grass!!!

  4. I have a cat lead as well--Theo does not seem too annoyed by it. I am sure going back inside was NOT popular.

  5. Theo, that was a nice adventure, and we love your manly harness!

  6. Theo, Good exploration !!!
    I hope you find some Crunchy bugs for snack : )


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