Tuesday, June 21, 2011

slow feed bowl test

I have written about Theo's eating disorder in the past - in short he inhales his food and then steals the nearest cat's food. I decided to try the smallest slow feed bowl I could find to see if it would slow him down.

Filling the test bowl.

The bone indicates it is for dogs, hopefully Theo doesn't reject his dinner
 because of this insult. (yea right, not much chance of that!)

Theo testing out his slow feed bowl.

And the result? It didn't slow him down one bit, he successfully inhaled the nuggets from around the obstacles in the bowl and then went for another cat's food. The bowl was a fail.

Not all was lost however. The pet store also had this cute bowl for Willow that I couldn't pass up! She loves it.


  1. We have a kitty like that here too. If you find a solution, let us know. Mom has to stand guard over her and when she tries to eat everyone else's food, she gently moves her somewhere else. Course she goes right back only to get moved again. Hope all of you have a great Tuesday.

  2. "For Sale: One dog food bowl. Only used once."
    Ha Ha!

  3. Theo...slow down dude! I hope it doesn't come up a lot from his gobbling. That seems to be the usual way of it!

  4. Haha ~ my kitty is not a 'nibbler' either. If I put his whole daily food amount out at one time, it would be gone in 2 minutes flat.

    Oh well, at least you gave it a try!! :)

  5. Love the slow feed bowl even if it didn't work! Maybe it made it more fun? I think Willow is a gorgeous girl for sure. I'm a new follower...thought I was already but now for sure. Take care..Linda

  6. Thanks for posting this - I won't be dropping money on a slow food bowl, then! My cat Pixel will inhale anything remotely edible, which is particularly annoying as we have an older diabetic cat who gets wet food that Pixel ain't supposed to eat...

  7. have you tried one of these? http://gazingballsforgardens.blogspot.com/2011/06/smartcat-tiger-diner-portion-control.html


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