Thursday, June 23, 2011

notice of cat flap giveaway

If you don't follow Pawcurious, you are missing out on a SureFlap motorized cat flap giveaway - this is one that scans the cat's microchip and only opens for your cat, not the neighbor's cat. A $150 value!

The giveaway ends on June 28th and you can enter once per day by leaving a comment on Pawcurious's giveaway post. The odds are in your favor because not many people are leaving comments. May the best cat lover win!


  1. Thanks for the info! I wonder if it will work for more than one cat.....I have two babies :)

  2. Apparently the flap can hold up to 32 microchip numbers in it's memory - so it should work for up to 32 cats! Who has 32 cats?!


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