Wednesday, June 29, 2011

pink is beautiful

Buddy still hasn't taken much to food, although he has eaten a tad more today than prior days. Took him over to the vet today in order to figure out what might be going on. Dr. Zastrow thought the Clavamox he had been taking for his urinary tract infection (UTI) might have caused some nausea. Who wants to eat when feeling nauseous?! Now that the antibiotic is complete (and the UTI is gone!) we are hoping his appetite returns.

Photo credit: Laura
"He looks pink" - some of the best words I heard today. Dr. Zastrow made this comment after examining Buddy. On his last visit he looked pale, and as I understand it pale kitties are sick kitties. The happy news was that the blood work showed a healthy red blood cell count - no more anemia! Yahoo!

So now we hope he regains his appetite then all will be well.

His appetite for snuggles has not waned, if anything the more he settles into his new home the more snuggles he desires.


  1. This is great news! We'll continue to send purrs until Buddy is eating normally again. :-)

  2. We say try bribery... MORE STINKY GOODNESS for Buddy! Glad the vet said you are back in the pink!

  3. The scary bit at the vet is over! May be new home jitters trying to fit in. Maybe the food brand is different to what he is used to eating. Maybe he likes his free-range eating! May be some other stress. He will get over these. Anyway, may the "PeeP" be with you!


  4. The Very Best CatsJune 30, 2011 at 7:21 PM

    I'm glad you got good news about him from the vet. Hopefully his appetite will be normal soon. He sure is a pretty, oh, I mean handsome boy. Hope the integration of all your furry ones is going well too!


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