Friday, June 3, 2011

the return

yahoo! the sun has come back. maybe summer is near.


  1. Bob and his cat siblings at Feline Family likes the sun, too...especially when the alternative is rain! Addie, JoJo, Sadie, Mr. Magoo and Lola love to sit out in the yard in the sun. Bob is too lazy to be bothered, he just sleeps whereever he happens to be sitting!

    Feline family is a relatively new blog for Bob, his 9 Kitty cat brothers and sisters and Dante & Vic who come by to visit periodically (they like the cat nip!)

    Please stop by and visit our blog Rose, Theo, Willow and Nahum Flutter-Nutter! You're such a beautiful group of kitties!

  2. What a sweet photo. I love to see cats in the sun.


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