Monday, October 17, 2011

have drop trap need courage

After a little construction work, I now have a drop trap and makeshift transfer crate, which means I have everything I need to capture BK. The last remaining item needed is the hardest to come by, gumptions.

The drop trap

My makeshift transfer crate with a guillotine type door

While I was testing the finished trap, BK was hanging out in front of his house.

BK enjoying a moment of late afternoon sunshine.

 If I can find the courage, I may give it a try on Monday morning.


  1. are truly a noble friend of the four-legged's. Best of luck!

  2. As I can see you got all thing are ready to...TRAP !
    I'm sure you can do it !
    Paws crossed and purrs for BK and You : )

  3. Just remember BK needs to be looked at by the vet! good luck!

  4. Good luck! BK might be too savvy to go in, but we'll cross our paws he does and that you can get him to the v-e-t!

  5. We promise - it will be much harder on you than on him....but everyone will be the better for it. :)

  6. Go For It! BK fill get over it in time, and he really needs the attention.



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