Saturday, October 29, 2011

high drama at high noon

A meeting unexpectedly cancelled makes room in overpacked schedule for lunch.

Cats all jockey for bonus mid-day laptime.

Buddy has first go.

Theo second.

Lunch happens, quick rest on couch.

Theo approaches again, cut off by dashing Willow.

Willow settles in.

Nahum tries to dislodge Willow by licking on her.

Willow licks back, refuses to budge. Attempt fails.

Nahum tries to dislodge TheCatGuy by carrying favorite string to him. Asks for plays.

TheCatGuy forced to choose. Play with Nahum, Snuggle with Willow.


Muffled chirp, Rose calls out for Nahum.

Crisis averted. All is well.


  1. Aw so much snuggling and playing makes lunch a wonderful thing!

  2. ahh...cute kitties and their moments. I gotta say, I got my eye on Willow. I have white paws too....


  3. What a pickle - to play or to snuggle! What a lovely predicament for a lunch hour :-)
    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment at God's Little People. Unfortunately there is no chance at all of finding a new home for the cats here in Greece. They are largely unwanted to begin with (they are regarded as rodents) and if anyone were to choose they would just go to the local dumpster to pick up an adorable kitten. They are everywhere at the moment, and I mean everywhere - and since it's a culture split between old time agriculture (where there is no emotion where cats are concerned) and a younger culture that is into good looks, kittens are UNFORTUNATELY chosen for their cute irresistiable looks but then disregarded for a new cuter one when it matures and looses it's cuteness. Horrible but true. So no, I'm keeping each cat I rescue.

  4. Snuggle or play, hard decision. They are all so precious.
    xoxo Kassey and her Mom


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