Thursday, April 21, 2011

city tortie

For the first time in seemingly forever, it didn't rain today! I celebrated the occasion by taking a walk down to the utility to pay my bill. Along the way I got an unexpected bonus - a kitty sighting by the railroad tracks.

The zoom on my mobile phone camera is lousy, so it's hard to see, but if you like right in the middle of the picture, you will see a kitty stalking some dinner in the tall grasses.
(You can click on the picture if you want to see it bigger.)

The kitty after zooming in on the picture.

This location is right in the middle of the city and there are no residences around. I have no idea where this kitty lives, I hope it has a safe and secure place to call home. My heart always aches when I run across a stray/feral kitty. Has it ever enjoyed a tummy rub or had it's chin and ears scratched? Does it have a dry, cozy and safe spot to stretch out and nap? I always feel the tug to want to take them home and provide all those things, but I know that is not practical. (Although I don't have a tortie yet in my cat collection!) I struggle now to meet the play and love needs of the four cats I already have.

I said some prayers for the kitty and left knowing it's paws are guided by Starclan. On the walk back to my office, I made sure to go back to this spot to check on the kitty and it was gone. I hope kitty is safe and well looked after.


  1. We hope this kitty has a home and food and shelter and love too. :-/

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. Mom sees some of those around too and she wants to do the same. Sometimes the best we can do is say a prayer that they are being watched over - either by a family or maybe even the guys in the building behind her.


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