Monday, April 11, 2011

who trained who?

I love giving Nahum tummy rubs. In fact, I can't resist giving him tummy rubs when he offers. He knows this and he exploits my weakness!

Countless times a day, I will look up and see this:
Nahum on his back, tummy in the air, just looking right at me.

He's asking that I come rub his tummy, which of course I must do! After a few seconds of tummy rubs he flips back over and wants to play - a bait and switch! I'm onto his game, but he knows I can't resist his soft tummy.

Did I train him to request tummy rubs? He knows that if he wants affection, all he has to do is to get in the position and it will happen. None of the other cats do this.

Or has Nahum trained me to drop whatever I am doing and rub his tummy on demand? It seems I can't resist his invitation no matter what I am in the middle of.

I am not sure who trained who, but it always works for him. He rolls over and looks = he gets tummy rubs! 


  1. Oh, he's trained you, no doubt. LOL.

    Annie learned to do that from Chumley, and when I first adopted Nicki (4 years tomorrow), he learned to do it from her. So now he's the one who flops down in front of me (or whoever) for tummy rubs.

    Derry doesn't do that--he loves to have me rub his tummy, but he doesn't flop on the floor in front me and wait. He'll roll over onto his back once he's patted, though. :-)

    As for my Naughty Nicki, he knows he'll be forgiven when he acts all cute, so rolling like that is to his advantage. LOL.

    -mom Kim at Fuzzy Tales

  2. Yep - he has you trained. Though we don't think there are too many people out that that could resist that!!!


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