Monday, April 4, 2011

sleeping with cats

I enjoyed a glorious Sunday afternoon nap yesterday with my Nahum. He stretched out on top of me and kept me warm as we napped the afternoon away. Snuggling with a big fluffy kitty is the best!

Taking long naps in the middle of the day can be detrimental to falling asleep at night. Last night, my difficulty falling asleep had more to do with Nahum, Theo and Rose. They all were cuddled up together in one big furry-snuggle party on my side of the bed, which meant I couldn't move!
Rose is like me, she loves to snuggle up with Nahum. She often uses his fluffy tummy as a pillow!


  1. I have the same problem, times two! Usually six of the horde sleep with me and keep me paralyzed all night.

  2. I have only the two boys, but you would not believe how much room they can take up. LOL. It can be really awkward to wriggle out of bed in the middle of the night...but even harder to wriggle back in. :-P

    -Mom Kim at Fuzzy Tales

  3. Oh my God! And I thought I had it bad. Your bed situation is much worse than mine. I couldn't even imagine trying to sleep in a bed with all 4 cats on it. I get to be the center of a sandwich, with Tiger glued to me on one side, and Motor glued to the other. And like you, I do not want to disturb THEM. Even if it means I get less sleep. We are crazy cat owners aren't we?


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