Saturday, April 23, 2011


I get easily freaked out when the cats show signs of distress or injury. I worry about their health. This afternoon, Theo seemed to be acting a little off. I checked him over and found a bit of dried blood on the bottom of his chin. Further investigation revealed a good sized lump and what looks like a gouge.

Theo's ouchy.

We immediately called over to the vet to see if they had any room in their schedule. They were all full today but we got in for first thing Saturday morning. And if my worry gets too much there is always the 24-hour emergency clinic. I know I have said this before, but I take great comfort in living across the alley from the vet and the emergency clinic. No driving needed, just whisk the cat about 75 yards from my backdoor to the vet's front door.

Theo still seems to be a little off. I imagine he might be feeling some pain from the gouge and the lump. So far this evening, he still seems not quite himself, but I'm not feeling the need to go the emergency route.

It has been awhile (thankfully) since I have taken a cat to the vet because of an issue. Because of my easily freaked out nature I take cats over for the littlest of things, I would rather be safe than sorry. But, ever since September 20, 2008 when I brought Max over for his yearly vaccinations and check-up thinking that everything was fine but was shocked to learn he had CRF and only months to live, I get quite anxious when bringing cats in. Knowledge is good, but sometimes it is overwhelming.

I have no idea what Theo could have done to get a big gouge on his chin. I thought maybe he tried to stick his snout into some tight spot to get food and he cut himself, but I can't think of what it would have been. My current theory is that maybe while tussling with Nahum a sharp claw got him good, after all it is time to trim the claws. I'll be happier after a vet has looked him over.


  1. Looks like an abscess...a warm damp washcloth might help the scab loosen and let it drain--certainly Theo will feel better after the vet sees him.

  2. Yikes. We don't get those very often here, but Tim usually has at least one scratch on his nose from wrasslin. We hope Theo is OK!!


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