Sunday, April 10, 2011

new feather toys

The feather toy is Nahum's and Rose's favorite toy, so we go through them fast. Rather than spend a small fortune in new feather toys every month, I decided to give it a go at making them. Back in August, I posted about the creation process (building a feather toy).

Tonight, it was time to create some new ones. I have learned along the way that both Rose and Nahum are less interested in the feathers but they really like the shiny strands. So, now I make feather toys sans feathers!

The raw materials.

I used to a rubber band to hold the strands in place before the hot glue. Having run out of tiny rubber bands, I now use a little piece of tape and then a touch of hot glue to secure the strands to the wand.

Here is the finished product. Floral tape covers the tape and glue. 

Lastly, comes the product testing.

Product passes quality control check!

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