Wednesday, June 22, 2011


As part of Buddy's integration process, I swapped out the cat's space for the evening. Willow, Rose, Nahum and Theo got to sniff out the bedroom where Buddy has been living and Buddy got to explore the whole downstairs of the house.

Buddy started by pacing around the house cataloging everything with his eyes and nose. After he made a few laps around the house he then started surveying vertically by climbing up on stuff. He particularly liked the porches where he gazed outside. His attempts at opening the back porch door with his paw tells me that his previous owner may have been less than truthful when she reported that Buddy was an "indoor-only" cat. Buddy might eventually need to be fitted with a collar and tags in case he escapes.

Buddy explored every corner of the house.

He hasn't expressed much interest in toys, however he couldn't resist Theo's Kickeroo!

His little nose had to be tired after all that sniffing!

I would like to have Buddy be comfortable in the downstairs when he meets the other cats, that way he is not meeting unfamiliar cats in completely unfamiliar surroundings. Hopefully, if all continues to go well, we will try full integration over the weekend.

Meanwhile we continue to discuss Buddy's name. His name came from his original owner, so he has had it for all of his life, but we don't think it really fits him and we use 'buddy' as a nickname at times for the other cats. So, we contemplate changing Buddy's name, but can you do that with a 12-year old cat? We were trying to think of names that may sound like Buddy so as not to confuse him too much.


  1. The kickaroo is a popular toy around my house too! Hope all continues to go well with the integration.

  2. I have tried to change names without success - mostly on my part. haha After "sticking" Junior with his name and then deciding to keep him, I thought about changing his name...and just couldn't come up with anything.

    Can't wait to hear about the introductions.

  3. He is 70 -80 in human years? I would leave his name the same as it is familiar to him. You may not think it fits him, but I find it a good name. My cat Gracie had a brother George & they were named after George Burns & Gracie Allen (the old comedians). How much sense does that make? I had another cat named after the robot guy in Star Trek! Zeke is named after the prophet Ezekial. Opie is named after a crab. The late "Verty" is short for Vertigo, as he jumped out a second story window. Give Buddy a break--he has enough changes to cope with. Just my educated opinion.

  4. The Very Best CatsJune 23, 2011 at 9:55 PM

    At our house, we have "Big Buddy" (Tiger) and "Little Big Buddy" for Motor. Seems like he must have been someone's buddy.
    As far as changing an adopted animals name, one they have had all their lives, I had that same question today. It could be confusing for Buddy. I don't have a definite answer. I'll see what you do and how well it goes. Then I will know for the next pet we adopt.

  5. My cats are indoor-only, but they've always had collars and tags just in case they accidentally escape, especially now that my roommate's cat opens the screen door and lets them out!! I insist that we keep the door shut, but sometimes my roommate forgets...

    Changing Buddy's name may be hard so late in his life. Maybe you could call him a nickname sometimes, like Bud? Just a thought :) He is cute!


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