Wednesday, June 1, 2011

lucky May!

I'm wishing May wasn't over just yet.

I just got word that I won the Sam's Club giveaway over at Pawcurious! I'm not exactly sure what I won just yet, but hopefully it is something the kitties will love!

Earlier in the month I won a Neko Flies bug toy from Neko Flies - super-awesome - the cats love these.

I never win contests - which makes me wonder why I bother entering them. But, I guess I can't say I never win them anymore. Even though May is gone, I am wondering if it is too late to buy a lottery ticket...

Getting Willow tummy rubs is a rare treat. 
Getting Willow tummy rubs in your lap is unheard of!


  1. Concats on winning at Pawcurious too! Maybe the winning streak will continue, and maybe a lottery ticket in June will be worthwhile! :-)

  2. Guess you were lucky all the way around - but we bet the tummy rubs were the best!!


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