Monday, September 12, 2011


On my recent visit to New Hampshire, I had the privilege of meeting my brother's cat, Ellah. She's as sweet as she is gorgeous!!

She graciously shares her house with three huge woofies and many humans. Oh, and it's my brother's birthday! Happy birthday dear brother in New Hampshire! I hope Ellah gives you many great birthday delights in this new year.


  1. Happy birthday to your brother - hopefully he gets lots of kisses from the lovely Ellah!!!

  2. Ellah really is a lovely kitty and what a pretty color. Happy Birthday to the brother. Hope he has a great day and many many more.

  3. Yes, she has the sweetest face and is very pretty.I hope your brother has a happy birthday!

  4. Happy purrday Elijah aren't you one handsome mancat! We hope your day is filled with toys and catnip.

  5. Hello! I don't know if you'll see this because this post is from almost 9 years ago, but I am pretty sure we are the current cat parents of Ellah. We adopted her in 2018 and want to learn more about her past life. Is there any more info you can give us on her? Thanks!

    1. Hi, email me with your contact info and I'll see what more I can learn.


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