Thursday, September 15, 2011


9/15/11 5:20am       

I awoke an hour earlier than typical this morning, thanks to Buddy's caterwauling. I looked outside and saw BK sitting about 5 feet from the Dining Hall in the dark, waiting for breakfast to be served. She was an hour early! When I went out to feed her, she only moved about 10 feet away from me, she keeps allowing me to get closer and closer. Maybe someday I'll get to pet her.

After breakfast, she decided to hang out on the roof of the Unit #1 lodge building. I think she has claimed this lodge for herself, probably due to it's closeness to the Dining Hall. 

Rain is in the forecast, so maybe soon I'll know if the outside kitties will avail themselves of their new accommodation options.


An hour later and BK is zonked!
9/15/11 6:22am
 Glad to see the roof is so comfortable!


  1. Yep - checking out the view from the balcony!!!

  2. Hpefully, BK will continue to be more comfortable with you, especially since you're the feeding person. She looks so cute zonked out. What a nice place for these kitties!


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