Monday, September 19, 2011

weekend wrap-up

My dear friend Lisa and her doggie, Gromit, came over on Saturday to help celebrate Rose's big 1 year Gotcha Day. Usually Rose disappears upstairs with Willow while Gromit is visiting, but not on her big day! 

This time around, she was super-bold Rose. She even snuck up real close to Gromit and gave him a good sniffing over. 

I'm very proud of Rose, she's come along way in her first year!

In other exciting news, on Sunday the Black Kitty spent a few hours in the afternoon napping on the roof of the little lodge unit. 

When it started to rain, she climbed down and went inside and resumed her nap! I was very pleased to see her actually sleeping inside, in fact seeing that made my day! Now, I know that she knows this space is available to her to escape the cold rainy Northwest days.

Some sad news from Purrfect PalsFrodo, the kitty with mouth cancer that was happily living in FIV Land, passed away. 

I'm thankful to have had the chance to visit with sweet Frodo a few weeks ago, if only for a few minutes. He was a lovebug. Glad he got the chance to live out his full life with exceptional care. He will be missed on this side by many but he is now free of all pain and running free with all the other kitties of his clan. Rest in peace Frodo, and say hello to my Max for me.


  1. We are glad Rose is getting braver!! Means there is hope for Junior - MOL.

    And seeing BK getting a tan on the roof made mom smile.

    Purrs to Purrfect Pals on the loss of Frodo.

  2. Good news along with the sad; it makes you appreciate life all the more.

  3. I'm glad Rose had such a good Gotcha Day and even felt brave around Gromit. Black Kitty looks so content there.

    I'm sorry to hear about Frodo.

  4. I do agree with Mom Trish
    Hugs to you and Purrs for Frodo to resat in peace.

    I love the second photo of Black Kitty, she found home I guess, she look so comfy there. and I just want to let you know "You have a wonderful heart " : )

  5. Surely you can come up with better names for your kitty houses than Unit #1 and Dining Hall. At the very least the bigger house should be the Empress's Suite or the Lion's Den or Playkitty Mansion. And, though the rustic wood is nice, some kitties like more decorations in their rooms and dining areas. Obviously you know very little about marketing to cats. Perhaps you should hold a contest to name the buildings in your Kitty Village.
    --Gromit Mommy

  6. Now that I have finished harassing you, I can repeat what I said in person the other day: Those kitty houses you built are WONDERFUL! They are so cut and inviting to cats. You do have a good heart.
    --Gromit Mommy


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