Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pet cam

I'm preparing to leave for an upcoming business trip and now that I have five cats, I am going to try a cat sitter rather than boarding them all. That means all the kitties will get to stay home and experience less disruption, which is a very good thing! It also means I can use the network pet camera to keep an eye on the kitties while I'm gone.

One unforeseen obstacle might foil my plan.

Willow has expressed a strong curiosity about the camera.


  1. Hmm, our mom says she could have used one...or more...of those while she was gone. :-)

    We hope yours remains in working order while you're away. Ha.

  2. good luck with your trip and the camera! and we are glad to make your acquaintence and about to look through your earlier posts.

  3. Perhaps she wants to be a movie star? Hide the wires well, some of my crew find them to be delicious!

  4. Travel safe ~ and good luck with the kitty sitter! How fun to be able to keep an eye on your four legged friends!
    xo Catherine


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