Thursday, April 5, 2012

little bold Rose

Little Rose is still little, but she grows more bold by the day.

She used to avoid all human contact for fear of being eaten. She even didn't like being looked at. She would skitter around the edge of the room, always keeping a safe distance from those scary humans.

She perfected her "stink eye" - face slightly downcast while her eyes are looking up at you. This is a look she demonstrates quite often. 

For quite a long time now, Rose has been getting Anxitane, an anti-anxiety supplement which seems to really be working for her. More and more when she is feeling safe, she has been asking me for pets. I have discovered that she loves having her chin and cheeks scratched! She has also recently taken to enjoy being brushed, which is good as she has desperately needed it. Her fur is starting to get soft, for the first time ever - yea!!

There are only two places in the house that she allows me to touch her.

The kitchen window

and the cat bed on the dishwasher.


Rose still gets freaked out pretty easily and generally avoids getting near humans - she still doesn't even let Laura pet her. Rose has always been Laura's cat (I have claimed the other five). But now Laura is accusing me of stealing her little Rose. I'm not sure what to say, Rose makes her own choices.

More often than not, Rose can be found cuddling with her favorite snuggle buddy, Nahum.

Sweet Nahum never seems to mind being used as Rose's pillow.


  1. It is good to see Rose getting some human touches. She is a beauty and oh so sweet when she snuggles with Nahum!

  2. Awww..she is adorable!

    There are several kitties at the cat shelter where I volunteer that are convinced that we are holding cats only to make "cat sandwiches" out of them. I tell them it isn't true...then they give me the "stink eye" when I try to touch them...ah well, maybe some day!

  3. Although she's still skittish with people, it's nice to see that she has cat friends with whom to cuddle.

  4. seems like Rose is actually Nahum's kitty.... :)

    We love when kitties decide to get friendlier. Mom still has hope for Junior.

  5. We're glad Rose feels comfortable enough to be patted and brushed when in a couple of spots in the house. And it's wonderful to see her with Nahum. :-)

    We have a long Easter weekend here, so will wish you all a very happy Easter now! We hope the Easter Bunny brings yummy treats!

  6. What a pretty kitty. I love the shot of her being petted - she's giving the "blink of love".

    1. Rose is a beautiful cat. I usually tend to be drawn to the shy cats. She's a beauty. Rose has tiger stripes! Gorgeous markings. There is a good possibility she has some wilder cat (not just a house cat) genes in her. She's just a beauty.

  7. Ah, so sweet that Rose has her comfort buddy. Our little William is just like Rose...he is afraid of Chris (because Chris will eat him for breakfast) but will let me groom him. His has his cuddle buddys too.
    Jane x

  8. If Rose loves to have her chin and cheeks scratched, try using the brush on those areas. One of my cats would let me brush her chin and face all day. She will use the wire brush herself if I hold it steady for her.


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